Lawsuit filed over hit-and-run that left Nicki Minaj’s father dead

Credit: Niki Minaj Facebook

MINEOLA, N.Y. — A 150 million lawsuit filed by Carol Maraj against the man accused of killing Rapper Nicki Minaj’s father on Feb 12, 2021.

Robert Maraj, 64, was in Long Island when he was struck by a vehicle being driven by Charles Polevich, 70, who according to reports drove off without stopping or calling 911.

Maraj succumbed to his injuries the following day at the hospital.

“He was not only irresponsible and negligent, but more concerned about running away and hiding than seeking help,” Benjamin Crump wrote in an Instagram post recently.

Crump is one of the attorneys representing Carol Maraj in the 150 million lawsuit.

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